Access 2013


Lesson 1: SQL and Microsoft Access

Topic A: What is SQL?

Topic B: What is an SQL Statement?

Topic C: What is an SQL Naming Convention?

Topic D: What is SQL Syntax?

Lesson 2: Using the SELECT Statement

Topic A: Selecting All Data

Topic B: Selecting Specific Data

Topic C: Selecting Conditional Data

Topic D: Using the ORDER BY Statement

Lesson 3: Using SQL Joins

Topic A: Creating Simple Joins

Topic B: Using an Alias

Topic C: Sorting Joins

Topic D: Creating Outer Joins

Lesson 4: Using Subqueries

Topic A: What is a Subquery?

Topic B: Creating a Subquery

Topic C: Subqueries with Aggregate Functions and Nested Subqueries

Topic D: Using the IN Keyword with Subqueries

Lesson 5: Advanced Form Tasks, Part One

Topic A: Limiting User Access to a Form

Topic B: Creating Checkboxes and Command Buttons

Topic C: Building Command Button Events

Topic D: Creating Event Procedures

Lesson 6: Advanced Form Tasks, Part Two

Topic A: Using Hyperlinks in a Form

Topic B: Adding Links to Other Database Objects

Topic C: Inserting a Mailto Link in a Form

Topic D: Adding a Browser Control to a Form

Topic E: Performing Calculations in a Form

Lesson 7: Advanced Form Tasks, Part Three

Topic A: Exporting Your Form to XML

Topic B: Exporting a Form as a Word Document

Topic C: Exporting a Form as HTML

Topic D: Sending a Form as an E-mail Attachment

Topic E: Exporting a Form to Other Formats

Lesson 8: Creating Split Forms

Topic A: Creating a Split Form

Topic B: Splitting an Existing Form

Topic C: Using a Split Form

Topic D: Fixing the Form Separator

Lesson 9: Using Digital Signatures

Topic A: What is a Digital Signature?

Topic B: Obtaining a Digital Signature

Topic C: Attaching Your Signature to a Database

Topic D: Extract and Use a Signed Database

Lesson 10: Using the Trust Center

Topic A: Opening the Trust Center

Topic B: Trusting a Database

Topic C: Configuring Macro Security

Topic D: Customizing the Message Bar

Lesson 11: Managing COM Add-ins

Topic A: Viewing Add-ins

Topic B: Opening the Add-in Manager

Topic C: Installing Add-ins

Topic D: Disabling All Add-ins

Topic E: Uninstalling Add-ins

Lesson 12: Customizing Access

Topic A: Changing User Information

Topic B: Changing the Office Background and Theme

Topic C: Setting the Default Database Type and Location

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