Our Framework’s use the ASP.Net MVC Pattern

If you are familiar with MVC then moving to our Framework will be quite easy. There isn’t much new to learn, and you’ll find that the amount of hand coding you have to do will be quite a bit less. In a sample demo application, we’ve found that with the functionality provided by the Framework, you’ll have to write about x% less code. This frees up your time to focus on business logic, testing, or other development work – or more time off.

If you aren’t familiar with MVC and/or C# you’ll be able to use the Framework documentation to get started quickly. There are number of online introductory courses available or contact Light Speed Solutions and we can provide some training to get you on your way.

Regardless of your experience, the Framework will assist you to quickly deliver applications that can run on multiple platforms and devices. If you don’t use all the functionality initially, it will there ready when you need it.