One-On-One & Private Group Training

Provide a company with the answer and it can overcome a single problem. Provide a company with the knowledge to devise its own answers and it can conquer challenges for years to come.

Light Speed Solutions' Customized One-On-One and Private Training Programs are the secret to efficient, effective staff education. By tailoring training programs to address your specific business needs, we streamline the education process – empowering students to learn faster and retain more relevant knowledge at less expense. Light Speed Solutions employs a groundbreaking three-step learning model to supercharge your company’s knowledge:

1. Customization: Light Speed Solutions launches learning with an in-depth consultation to customize a curriculum to your unique goals. Next, Light Speed Solutions incorporates your sample files to create tailored training examples that are 100% relevant to the way you run your business.

2. Instructor-Led Training: Administered in an entertaining, interactive environment, Light Speed Solutions' training transitions from instruction based on real-world applications to class participation involving practice of newly-acquired skills. To optimize retention, students document what they’ve learned in their own words at the end of each class.

3. Exclusive Follow-up: Students save their notes as an ongoing reference to reinforce new knowledge, but will also gain the ability to exclusively access Light Speed Solutions' instructors for any specific questions.

Because our clients’ prosperity is our top priority, we refuse to provide fleeting solutions. Instead, Light Speed Solutions delivers the education you need to achieve your goals in an independent, cost-effective manner—building a strong foundation for future success. With a well-trained staff, your company can:

Eliminate costly outsourced consulting
Avoid downtime with accelerated in-house solutions
Promote ongoing business evolution
Enhance staff knowledge from the inside out
Achieve peak profitability

Traditional learning modelswith their one-size-fits-all approach to education – sometimes fail when students are in need of a more precise curriculum. At that point, education’s amazing powers are diminished – wasting time, money and resources.


In the Light Speed Solutions Learning Model, you have the advantage of picking and choosing training topics that will benefit your company the most. If you are unsure of what topics to choose, take a look at our standardized classes.

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