OneNote 2013


Lesson 1: Handwriting Text

Topic A: Choosing a Pen

Topic B: Creating a Custom Pen

Topic C: Customizing Pen Mode

Topic D: Handwriting Text

Topic E: Using the Eraser

Topic F: Converting Ink to Text

Lesson 2: Drawing Shapes, Part One

Topic A: Inserting Shapes

Topic B: Resizing Shapes

Topic C: Moving Shapes

Topic D: Deleting Shapes

Lesson 3: Drawing Shapes, Part Two

Topic A: Customizing Color and Thickness

Topic B: Choosing How Shapes are Treated

Topic C: Locking Drawing Mode

Topic D: Toggling Snap To Grid

Lesson 4: Advanced Picture Tasks

Topic A: Making Image Text Searchable

Topic B: Copying Text from an Image

Topic C: Editing Alternative Text

Topic D: Restoring a Picture to Its Original Size

Topic E: Exporting Pictures

Lesson 5: Customizing Pages, Part One

Topic A: Showing and Hiding the Page Title and Date Stamp

Topic B: Showing and Hiding Authors

Topic C: Adding Rule Lines

Topic D: Adding a Time and/or Date Stamp

Lesson 6: Customizing Pages, Part Two

Topic A: Changing the Page Size and Orientation

Topic B: Customizing Margins

Topic C: Changing Page Color

Topic D: Creating a Custom Picture Background

Lesson 7: Using Page Templates

Topic A: Creating a Page from a Template

Topic B: Setting the Default Template

Topic C: Saving the Current Page as a Template

Topic D: Deleting a Custom Template

Lesson 8: Working with Sections and Section Groups

Topic A: Creating Sections and Section Groups

Topic B: Renaming Sections and Section Groups

Topic C: Deleting Sections and Section Groups

Topic D: Changing the Color of Sections

Topic E: Merging Sections

Topic F: Saving Sections

Lesson 9: Syncing Your Notebook

Topic A: Sharing Your Notebook with OneDrive

Topic B: Viewing Sync Status

Topic C: Manually Syncing a Notebook

Topic D: Syncing All Notebooks

Lesson 10: Managing Notebook Properties

Topic A: Changing the Display Name

Topic B: Changing the Notebook Color

Topic C: Moving the Notebook

Topic D: Converting a Notebook

Lesson 11: Managing OneNote Files

Topic A: Protecting a Section with a Password

Topic B: Optimizing OneNote Files

Topic C: Changing the Cache Location

Topic D: Changing the Save Location

Lesson 12: Backing Up OneNote Files

Topic A: Setting Backup Options

Topic B: Changing the Backup Location

Topic C: Running a Backup Manually

Topic D: Opening and Restoring a Backup

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