Consulting Services

Business Analysis

Choosing the correct solution for your particular business need can be challenging. What devices does it need to work on? What data does it need to interact with? Who should have access to the system? Our team can work alongside both business and technical stakeholders to identify the key business drivers, define key objectives for the project and work to define the features and functionality that are required for your solution. We strive to ensure that the solution we develop meets the needs of your business and your primary and secondary user groups. Our goal is to learn how you conduct business, so that we can provide a solution that empowers you and your team to operate effectively.

Project Management

Here at Light Speed Solutions, we believe the best approach to create an adaptive business solution is to employ the Agile methodology for planning a phased implementation. Our team collaborates with key stakeholders in your organization to identify business drivers and key business objectives to develop a set of project requirements. We work closely with our developers to define functional specifications and a work plan for the software application. During the development phase, our team provides regular updates to the stakeholders, including demonstrations and feature reviews. Following each development phase, our team facilitates hand-off to the stakeholders and training. We have over 15 years of experience managing software projects, and we have no plans of slowing down!