Data & Analytics

Microsoft SQL Server

A solid database is the cornerstone behind all of the internet’s most active websites and applications. Microsoft SQL Server allows for superior, quality database design that can be tailored for small business and enterprise level requirements. In any application that demands rapid data manipulation and large data retrievals, Microsoft SQL Server ensures both efficient data availability and the highest level of data security. Microsoft SQL Server also generates both traditional paper-based reports and interactive web based statistical reports. Between the strong data processing power of Microsoft SQL Server and the Microsoft Office Suite, you can easily develop detailed reports to aid business strategy development.

At Light Speed Solutions, our expert consultants are here to help you implement Microsoft SQL Server to fit your business complex needs. Whether you are beginning a new project or correcting an issue in your last one Light Speed is here to provide reliable information and fast quality service. Below are some of our Microsoft SQL Server services:

•Database Design and Implementation

We can help you plan and set up a database for any requirement.

•Database Programming

We can develop applications using MS SQL Server as a backend database.

•Data Import, Export & Conversion

We can help move, integrate and work with your data in any environment.

•Database Server Audits

We can test the security and performance of your servers.

•Database Administration

We can host and manage your database to ensure peak performance.

Microsoft BI

In the fast-paced, results-driven world of business we employ, a variety of metrics and performance indicators are needed to evaluate the vitality of our business. We need to discover, analyze, and visualize data from across the organization. We need to combine our data with data from other public or licensed providers.

To fully benefit from the power of data, organizations need to make it easy for all users to get access to the right data, at the right time, so they can make more informed decisions. They also need to give IT the tools to manage data access, quality and compliance.

Microsoft provides a suite of Business Intelligence tools, including Power BI for Office 365, a cloud based SQL Server 2014, and modern data warehouses that enable an agile approach to creating interactive, enterprise dashboards to provide answers and insight into your business.

Business Intelligence and interactive dashboards are a key aspect to many business systems. What type of BI solution is right for your business?