Microsoft Cloud

Office 365

Every day, millions of people use Office 365, the subscription version of the most widely-used productivity platform on the planet. They use Office 365’s applications to collaborate on documents and projects, track contacts, store files, and more.

In an effort to increase productivity and streamline process, the lines between Microsoft Office and line-of-business applications are becoming blurred. We interact with customers in our Outlook inbox and we need our business data organized in Excel, but we need it all in one place. We can work side-by-side with you to design a process to bring not only your data, but all of your apps to the cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure, is a growing collection of integrated services such as storage, data, networking, and app, all blended together to help you do more at a faster pace and at a better cost.

This enterprise proven, hybrid cloud solution gives you the best of both worlds, expanding IT possibilities without adding complexity. Azure doesn’t make you choose between your datacenter and a public cloud, and backup/recovery is more economical and efficient.

Azure supports all OS’s, languages, and frameworks, including SQL, C#, and Java. It’s global network gives you a wide range of options for running applications and ensuring clients always get great performance.