Web Development

ASP.NET MVC Framework

With software development becoming more complex, ASP.NET MVC allows for the separation of business logic from the presentation aspect of the application. This allows web applications to run faster and more securely. Light Speed Solutions utilizes the most modern and effective MVC-based framework techniques to manage your software projects. Our developers create flexible and easily maintained applications that are tailored to your industry.

Development Process

Traditionally, websites and applications reload the page upon each request sent to the server. Microsoft ASP.NET MVC is among the leading technologies which have revolutionized how websites work internally. Websites and applications can handle large datasets while using less bandwidth, which in turn supports more users. By separating your data from their displays, MVC allows for data to be viewed and manipulated faster than before.


Before the start of each project we try to meet with you in person and get to know your business and its needs straight from the source. We come up with our demo ideas and have you review and approve each step of the assessment. Once we have a complete understanding we begin working on your project.


Our development process is based on an agile development methodology. We take the development steps in phases, test the results and then work with the client to ensure that the results fit their needs. We continue through the phases until all of your requirements are met and the project is complete.


We stand behind each project that leaves our shop and offer a few paths of support for our clients. We stand behind our work and offer free support for small issues that come up after each project. Beyond the initial support we offer both monthly and hourly support plans to suit your needs.

Telerik/Kendo UI

Kendo UI is a set of HTML5 widgets for web and mobile development created by Telerik. Kendo UI is everything you need to build modern sites and apps with HTML5/JS including 70+ widgets and framework features, including Grid, Editor, Scheduler and more. Light Speed Solutions has been coding with Telerik development tools since 2004 and has experience with Kendo UI since it was launched in 2011. You can find out more information regarding Telerik Kundo UI here.