PowerPoint 2013


Lesson 1: The Basics

Topic A: Getting Started

Topic B: Signing In

Topic C: Saving a Presentation

Topic D: Opening a Presentation

Topic E: Creating a New Presentation

Lesson 2: Your First Presentation

Topic A: Adding Content

Topic B: Adding Notes

Topic C: Selecting Text and Objects

Topic D: Using Cut, Copy, and Paste

Topic E: Using Undo and Redo

Topic F: Checking Your Spelling

Lesson 3: Creating Slides

Topic A: Adding Slides to a Presentation

Topic B: Selecting, Moving, and Deleting Slides

Topic C: Changing and Resetting the Layout

Topic D: Working with Sections

Topic E: Viewing the Slide Show

Lesson 4: Formatting Text

Topic A: Changing the Font Face, Size, and Color

Topic B: Changing Character Spacing

Topic C: Applying Text Effects

Topic D: Working with the Font Dialog

Topic E: Using the Format Painter

Topic F: Clearing Formatting

Lesson 5: Working with Text

Topic A: Using Find and Replace

Topic B: Applying Bullets and Numbers

Topic C: Changing Text Alignment

Topic D: Formatting Text as Columns

Topic E: Changing Line Spacing

Topic F: Changing Text Direction

Lesson 6: Formatting the Presentation

Topic A: Choosing a Theme

Topic B: Choosing a Variant

Topic C: Changing the Slide Size

Topic D: Formatting the Slide Background

Topic E: Adding Headers and Footers to Slides

Lesson 7: Inserting Art and Objects, Part One

Topic A: Inserting Tables

Topic B: Inserting Charts

Topic C: Inserting SmartArt

Topic D: Inserting Equations

Topic E: Drawing Shapes

Topic F: Inserting Text Boxes

Lesson 8: Inserting Art and Objects, Part Two

Topic A: Creating Photo Albums

Topic B: Inserting Pictures

Topic C: Inserting Videos

Topic D: Inserting Screenshots

Topic E: Inserting Audio

Lesson 9: Advanced Slide Tasks

Topic A: Creating a Basic Animation

Topic B: Customizing Animations

Topic C: Using the Animation Painter

Topic D: Adding a Transition

Topic E: Customizing Transitions

Lesson 10: Viewing and Printing Your Presentation

Topic A: Viewing the Slide Show

Topic B: Using Views

Topic C: Using Zoom

Topic D: Using Presenter View

Topic E: Printing a Presentation

Topic F: Printing Notes and Handouts

Lesson 11: Saving and Sharing Your Presentation

Topic A: Saving a Presentation as PDF or XPS

Topic B: Packaging a Presentation for CD

Topic C: E-Mailing a Presentation

Topic D: Sharing Your Presentation on OneDrive

Topic E: Publishing Your Slides to a SharePoint Site

Topic F: Presenting Online

Lesson 12: Customizing the Interface

Topic A: Changing Ribbon Display Options

Topic B: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Topic C: Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs

Topic D: Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs

Topic E: Resetting Interface Changes

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