Lesson 1: The Basics

  • Topic A: Getting Started
  • Topic B: Signing In
  • Topic C: Saving a Presentation
  • Topic D: Opening a Presentation
  • Topic E: Creating a New Presentation

Lesson 2: Your First Presentation

  • Topic A: Adding Content
  • Topic B: Adding Notes
  • Topic C: Selecting Text and Objects
  • Topic D: Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Topic E: Using Undo and Redo
  • Topic F: Checking Your Spelling

Lesson 3: Creating Slides

  • Topic A: Adding Slides to a Presentation
  • Topic B: Selecting, Moving, and Deleting Slides
  • Topic C: Changing and Resetting the Layout
  • Topic D: Working with Sections
  • Topic E: Viewing the Slide Show

Lesson 4: Formatting Text

  • Topic A: Changing the Font Face, Size, and Color
  • Topic B: Changing Character Spacing
  • Topic C: Applying Text Effects
  • Topic D: Working with the Font Dialog
  • Topic E: Using the Format Painter
  • Topic F: Clearing Formatting

Lesson 5: Working with Text

  • Topic A: Using Find and Replace
  • Topic B: Applying Bullets and Numbers
  • Topic C: Changing Text Alignment
  • Topic D: Formatting Text as Columns
  • Topic E: Changing Line Spacing
  • Topic F: Changing Text Direction

Lesson 6: Formatting the Presentation

  • Topic A: Choosing a Theme
  • Topic B: Choosing a Variant
  • Topic C: Changing the Slide Size
  • Topic D: Formatting the Slide Background
  • Topic E: Adding Headers and Footers to Slides

Lesson 7: Inserting Art and Objects, Part One

  • Topic A: Inserting Tables
  • Topic B: Inserting Charts
  • Topic C: Inserting SmartArt
  • Topic D: Inserting Equations
  • Topic E: Drawing Shapes
  • Topic F: Inserting Text Boxes

Lesson 8: Inserting Art and Objects, Part Two

  • Topic A: Creating Photo Albums
  • Topic B: Inserting Pictures
  • Topic C: Inserting Videos
  • Topic D: Inserting Screenshots
  • Topic E: Inserting Audio

Lesson 9: Advanced Slide Tasks

  • Topic A: Creating a Basic Animation
  • Topic B: Customizing Animations
  • Topic C: Using the Animation Painter
  • Topic D: Adding a Transition
  • Topic E: Customizing Transitions

Lesson 10: Viewing and Printing Your Presentation

  • Topic A: Viewing the Slide Show
  • Topic B: Using Views
  • Topic C: Using Zoom
  • Topic D: Using Presenter View
  • Topic E: Printing a Presentation
  • Topic F: Printing Notes and Handouts

Lesson 11: Saving and Sharing Your Presentation

  • Topic A: Saving a Presentation as PDF or XPS
  • Topic B: Packaging a Presentation for CD
  • Topic C: E-Mailing a Presentation
  • Topic D: Sharing Your Presentation on OneDrive
  • Topic E: Publishing Your Slides to a SharePoint Site
  • Topic F: Presenting Online

Lesson 12: Customizing the Interface

  • Topic A: Changing Ribbon Display Options
  • Topic B: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Topic C: Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs
  • Topic D: Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs
  • Topic E: Resetting Interface Changes


Lesson 1: Using Slide Masters, Part One

  • Topic A: Opening Slide Master View
  • Topic B: Creating Slide Layouts
  • Topic C: Working with Placeholders
  • Topic D: Changing the Slide Layout

Lesson 2: Using Slide Masters, Part Two

  • Topic A: Preserving Slide Masters
  • Topic B: Updating Master Slides
  • Topic C: Using Multiple Slide Masters in a Presentation
  • Topic D: Removing Masters from a Presentation

Lesson 3: Working with Templates

  • Topic A: Creating a Template
  • Topic B: Saving a Template
  • Topic C: Using a Template
  • Topic D: Editing a Template

Lesson 4: Using Handout Masters

  • Topic A: Opening Handout Master View
  • Topic B: Editing the Handout Master
  • Topic C: Setting Layout Options
  • Topic D: Creating Handouts in Microsoft Word

Lesson 5: Using Notes Masters

  • Topic A: Opening Notes Master View
  • Topic B: Editing the Notes Master
  • Topic C: Setting Layout Options
  • Topic D: Printing Notes Pages

Lesson 6: Working with Comments

  • Topic A: Inserting Comments
  • Topic B: Viewing Comments
  • Topic C: Navigating Through Comments
  • Topic D: Replying to Comments
  • Topic E: Deleting Comments

Lesson 7: Reviewing a Presentation

  • Topic A: Sending a Presentation for Review
  • Topic B: Comparing Presentations
  • Topic C: Navigating Through Markup
  • Topic D: Accepting and Rejecting Markup
  • Topic E: Ending the Review

Lesson 8: Advanced Animation Techniques, Part One

  • Topic A: Choosing a Basic Effect
  • Topic B: Setting Effect Options
  • Topic C: Customizing the Trigger
  • Topic D: Editing the Motion Path
  • Topic E: Setting Start Options
  • Topic F: Modifying Duration and Delay

Lesson 9: Advanced Animation Techniques, Part Two

  • Topic A: Setting Animation Options
  • Topic B: Changing the Order of Animations
  • Topic C: Using the Animation Painter
  • Topic D: Using the Animation Pane

Lesson 10: Advanced Presentation Techniques

  • Topic A: Recording and Narrating a Show
  • Topic B: Setting Narration Options
  • Topic C: Using Presenter View
  • Topic D: Creating a Video from a Presentation
  • Topic E: Creating a Show-Only File
  • Topic F: Presenting Your Slides Online

Lesson 11: Creating a Custom Show

  • Topic A: Hiding a Single Slide
  • Topic B: Creating a Custom Show
  • Topic C: Editing a Custom Show
  • Topic D: Presenting a Custom Show
  • Topic E: Deleting a Custom Show

Lesson 12: Managing PowerPoint Files

  • Topic A: Optimizing Media Compatibility
  • Topic B: Compressing Media
  • Topic C: Working with Versions
  • Topic D: Recovering Unsaved Files
  • Topic E: Protecting a Presentation with a Password


Lesson 1: Doing More with Shapes

  • Topic A: Editing Shapes
  • Topic B: Arranging Shapes
  • Topic C: Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes
  • Topic D: Adding Text to Shapes
  • Topic E: Rotating and Flipping Shapes

Lesson 2: Embedding Objects in a Presentation

  • Topic A: Inserting an Embedded Object
  • Topic B: Editing Embedded Objects
  • Topic C: Using Embedded Objects in a Presentation
  • Topic D: Deleting Embedded Objects

Lesson 3: Linking Objects in a Presentation

  • Topic A: Creating a Linked Object
  • Topic B: Opening the Linked Item
  • Topic C: Updating Linked Objects
  • Topic D: Using Linked Objects in a Presentation
  • Topic E: Deleting Linked Objects

Lesson 4: Working with Action Buttons, Part One

  • Topic A: Using Action Buttons to Link to Other Slides
  • Topic B: Using Action Buttons to Link to Custom Shows
  • Topic C: Using Action Buttons to Link to Other Files
  • Topic D: Using Action Buttons to Link to Websites
  • Topic E: Deleting the Button

Lesson 5: Working with Action Buttons, Part Two

  • Topic A: Designing the Button
  • Topic B: Creating a Basic Mouse Over Button
  • Topic C: Clearing the Action

Lesson 6: Inserting and Editing Videos

  • Topic A: Inserting a Video from Your Computer
  • Topic B: Applying a Style
  • Topic C: Cropping a Video
  • Topic D: Correcting a Video
  • Topic E: Recoloring a Video
  • Topic F: Applying and Removing a Poster Frame

Lesson 7: Playing Video Files

  • Topic A: Adding and Removing Bookmarks
  • Topic B: Trimming Videos and Adding Fades
  • Topic C: Setting Playback Options
  • Topic D: Playing a Video During a Presentation

Lesson 8: Protecting Your Presentation

  • Topic A: Running the Document Inspector
  • Topic B: Running the Accessibility Checker
  • Topic C: Marking a Presentation as Final
  • Topic D: Encrypting Presentations with a Password

Lesson 9: Checking for Compatibility

  • Topic A: Running the Compatibility Checker
  • Topic B: Converting Presentations from Older PowerPoint Formats
  • Topic C: Saving Presentations as Older PowerPoint Formats
  • Topic D: Setting Compatibility Options

Lesson 10: Setting Up Your Show

  • Topic A: Using the Set Up Show Dialog
  • Topic B: Choosing Show Elements
  • Topic C: Hiding and Showing Slides
  • Topic D: Rehearsing Timings

Lesson 11: Creating Macros

  • Topic A: Enabling the Developer Tab
  • Topic B: Setting Macro Security
  • Topic C: Creating a Macro
  • Topic D: Running a Macro
  • Topic E: Deleting a Macro

Lesson 12: Managing Add-Ins

  • Topic A: Viewing Add-Ins
  • Topic B: Managing Add-Ins
  • Topic C: Changing Add-In Settings