Schedule & Pricing

Training Format

We provide training services in a custom tailored format. This allows us to no longer restrict the agenda to just the basic, intermediate or advanced topics. Since our company is run by trainers with consulting experience, they have the real world knowledge to adapt and customize the curriculum to your specific needs. Our format of training improves your knowledge and productivity as we train within the context of your domain. We train you to work smarter, not harder.


If you are looking for pricing, please contact us for a quote.

Ready to Schedule?
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Based on your needs, we will schedule a mutually agreed upon date for the training. As our training services are customized for you, we never cancel our classes due to low enrollment. We offer both onsite training at your facility as well as off-site at our state of the art facility.

Will there be a live instructor?

There will always be a live instructor present in the classroom. We do not conduct virtual training unless it is requested.

Can we use our own data/files during the training?

We highly encourage our students to bring their data/files to the training.  This lends to a more productive training as the students leave with the skills needed to do their job more efficiently.

We will be more than glad to execute an NDA, if needed.

Do we need to bring anything with us?

We have a state of the art facility where each student is provided with a computer to work on their labs during the training. We also provide digital courseware after the training that includes the topics covered during the training. Feel free to bring your thumb drives to copy your files for later reference.

How quickly can I get the training?

We have many qualified instructors and can schedule your training as soon as it fits everyone's calendar.

How can you tailor the topics?

You can either browse the outlines and select sections of interest or we can schedule a conference call to discuss your needs. Based upon your request, we will evaluate how much can be covered in a day.

Do you come onsite at our facility?

We do have instructors available to travel to your location for onsite sessions. We need to ensure that you have the proper setup for the students. If necessary, we can bring laptops for an additional fee.

Do you cancel your classes due to low enrollment?

No.  We never cancel any of our classes.  Our classes are individually customized for each client, therefore we do not have a minimum requirement to run our classes.