Lesson 1: Getting Started with Dreamweaver

  • Topic A: Navigate the Dreamweaver Interface
  • Topic B: Customize the Workspace
  • Topic C: Use Help

Lesson 2: Creating a Site

  • Topic A: Create a New Site
  • Topic B: Organize a Site into Folders
  • Topic C: Plan Navigation

Lesson 3: Creating a Page

  • Topic A: Create and Lay Out a Page
  • Topic B: Enter Text
  • Topic C: Create a Page with a Template

Lesson 4: Styling with CSS

  • Topic A: Create and Apply CSS Styles by Using Selectors
  • Topic B: Style in a More Flexible Manner with Classes

Lesson 5: Inserting Images

  • Topic A: Insert Image Files
  • Topic B: Style Images with CSS

Lesson 6: Inserting Links

  • Topic A: Insert Internal and External Links
  • Topic B: Apply Additional Link Types

Lesson 7: Displaying Data in Tables

  • Topic A: Create Tables for Data Display
  • Topic B: Modify Tables
  • Topic C: Style a Table

Lesson 8: Publishing Your Site

  • Topic A: Prepare a Site for Uploading
  • Topic B: Upload a Site


Lesson 1: Design Considerations

  • Topic A: Fundamental Design Principles
  • Topic B: Usability and Accessibility

Lesson 2: Writing for Mobile Platforms

  • Topic A: Create Media Queries for Mobile Platforms
  • Topic B: Create Mobile Responsive Pages with Bootstrap
  • Topic C: Modify a Bootstrap Page

Lesson 3: Creating Forms

  • Topic A: Create a Form with Form Fields
  • Topic B: Validate a Form

Lesson 4: Creating Movement

  • Topic A: Apply CSS Transitions to Create Movement
  • Topic B: Apply Behaviors to Create Movement

Lesson 5: Adding Multimedia

  • Topic A: Insert Audio Files
  • Topic B: Insert Video Files

Lesson 6: Marketing Through Social Media and Email

  • Topic A: Plan a Social Media Strategy
  • Topic B: Add Links to Social Media
  • Topic C: Create Email Marketing Materials and Newsletters

Lesson 7: Testing and Maintaining Your Site

  • Topic A: Validate Your Site Against W3 Standards
  • Topic B: Share Website Files with Other Users
  • Topic C: Synchronize Your Site