Lesson 1: Starting Out

  • Topic A: Meeting Microsoft Office OneNote 2010
  • Topic B: Interacting with OneNote
  • Topic C: Your First Notebook
  • Topic D: Working with Containers
  • Topic E: Working with Your Notebook
  • Topic F: Getting Help in OneNote

Lesson 2: Understanding and Customizing the OneNote Interface

  • Topic A: Getting Acquainted
  • Topic B: The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Topic C: Tabs and Groups
  • Topic D: Customizing the Ribbon

Lesson 3: Overview of OneNote’s Command Tabs

  • Topic A: The Home Tab
  • Topic B: The Insert Tab
  • Topic C: The Share Tab
  • Topic D: The Draw Tab
  • Topic E: The Review Tab
  • Topic F: The View Tab

Lesson 4: Creating Notes

  • Topic A: Using OneNote’s Editing Tools
  • Topic B: Using OneNote’s Selection Tools
  • Topic C: Formatting Text
  • Topic D: Formatting Paragraphs

Lesson 5: Managing Notebooks

  • Topic A: Organizing Your Notes
  • Topic B: Working with Pages
  • Topic C: Working with Sections and Section Groups, Part One
  • Topic D: Working with Sections and Section Groups, Part Two

Lesson 6: Searching, Viewing, and Printing Your Notebook

  • Topic A: Searching Your Notebook
  • Topic B: Using Layouts and Views
  • Topic C: Docking OneNote to the Desktop
  • Topic D: Working with Side Notes
  • Topic E: Printing Your Notebook


Lesson 1: Managing OneNote Files

  • Topic A: Backing up OneNote Files
  • Topic B: Saving OneNote Files
  • Topic C: Managing Notebook Properties
  • Topic D: Managing OneNote Files

Lesson 2: Adding Shapes and Images to Notes

  • Topic A: Drawing Shapes
  • Topic B: Working with Shapes
  • Topic C: Inserting Pictures
  • Topic D: Working with Pictures
  • Topic E: Advanced Picture Tasks

Lesson 3: Using Tables in OneNote

  • Topic A: Inserting Tables
  • Topic B: Working with Tables
  • Topic C: Formatting Tables

Lesson 4: Customizing OneNote Pages

  • Topic A: Using Page Templates
  • Topic B: Changing Page Setup
  • Topic C: Customizing the Current Page

Lesson 5: Using Tags in OneNote

  • Topic A: Using Basic Tags
  • Topic B: Customizing Tags
  • Topic C: Searching for Tags

Lesson 6: Researching and Organizing Information

  • Topic A: Using OneNote’s Research Tools
  • Topic B: Customizing OneNote’s Research Tools
  • Topic C: Creating an Outline with OneNote


Lesson 1: Integration with OneNote

  • Topic A: Attaching Files to a Note
  • Topic B: Inserting Audio and Video Files
  • Topic C: Working with Audio and Video Files
  • Topic D: Sending Information to OneNote
  • Topic E: Using OneNote with Microsoft Outlook

Lesson 2: Working with Handwritten Text

  • Topic A: Adding Handwritten Text
  • Topic B: Working with Handwritten Text
  • Topic C: Using OneNote’s Highlighters

Lesson 3: Sharing and Synchronizing OneNote Information

  • Topic A: Creating Shared Notebooks
  • Topic B: Using the OneNote Web App
  • Topic C: Keeping Notebooks Up to Date
  • Topic D: Working with Versions
  • Topic E: Collaboration Tools

Lesson 4: Advanced Topics

  • Topic A: Working with Hyperlinks
  • Topic B: Linking Notes
  • Topic C: Doing Math with OneNote
  • Topic D: Doing More with Equations

Lesson 5: Customizing OneNote

  • Topic A: Using the OneNote Options Dialog
  • Topic B: Changing General Options
  • Topic C: Changing Advanced Options
  • Topic D: Customizing OneNote’s Security