Lesson 1: The Basics

  • Topic A: Getting Started
  • Topic B: Signing In
  • Topic C: About the Notification Icon
  • Topic D: Opening Notebooks
  • Topic E: Using the Page Tabs

Lesson 2: Your First Notebook

  • Topic A: Creating a Notebook
  • Topic B: Creating Pages and Subpages
  • Topic C: Working with Pages and Subpages
  • Topic D: Working with Containers
  • Topic E: Entering and Deleting Text
  • Topic F: Checking Your Spelling

Lesson 3: Formatting Text

  • Topic A: Changing the Font Face, Size, and Color
  • Topic B: Highlighting Text
  • Topic C: Applying Text Effects
  • Topic D: Applying Styles
  • Topic E: Using the Format Painter
  • Topic F: Clearing Formatting

Lesson 4: Using the Send To OneNote Tool

  • Topic A: Showing and Hiding the Send To OneNote Tool
  • Topic B: Creating a Screen Clipping
  • Topic C: Sending Information to OneNote
  • Topic D: Creating a Quick Note

Lesson 5: Using Basic Note Tools

  • Topic A: Creating Lists
  • Topic B: Inserting Tables
  • Topic C: Inserting Pictures
  • Topic D: Creating Links
  • Topic E: Inserting Files

Lesson 6: Using Advanced Note Tools

  • Topic A: Using the Calculator
  • Topic B: Adding Outlook Meetings and Tasks
  • Topic C: Adding Audio and Video Clips
  • Topic D: Drawing Objects
  • Topic E: Using Page Templates

Lesson 7: Using Editing Tools

  • Topic B: Dragging and Dropping Text
  • Topic C: Using Undo and Redo
  • Topic D: Using Search

Lesson 8: Using Tags

  • Topic A: Applying Tags
  • Topic B: Creating Tags
  • Topic C: Removing Tags
  • Topic D: Searching for Tags

Lesson 9: Using Quick Notes and Docked Notes

  • Topic A: Creating a Quick Note
  • Topic B: Managing Quick Notes
  • Topic C: Docking and Undocking a Window
  • Topic D: Using Linked Note Taking

Lesson 10: Sharing Your Notebook

  • Topic A: Creating Shared Notebooks
  • Topic B: Sending Invitations
  • Topic C: Using Shared Notebooks
  • Topic D: Stopping Sharing

Lesson 11: Saving and Printing Your Notebook

  • Topic A: Saving Your Notebook as PDF or XPS
  • Topic B: E-mailing Your Notebook
  • Topic C: Exporting Your Notebook
  • Topic D: Printing Your Notebook

Lesson 12: Customizing the Interface

  • Topic A: Changing Ribbon Display Options
  • Topic B: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Topic C: Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs
  • Topic D: Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs
  • Topic E: Resetting Interface Changes


Lesson 1: Handwriting Text

  • Topic A: Choosing a Pen
  • Topic B: Creating a Custom Pen
  • Topic C: Customizing Pen Mode
  • Topic D: Handwriting Text
  • Topic E: Using the Eraser
  • Topic F: Converting Ink to Text

Lesson 2: Drawing Shapes, Part One

  • Topic A: Inserting Shapes
  • Topic B: Resizing Shapes
  • Topic C: Moving Shapes
  • Topic D: Deleting Shapes

Lesson 3: Drawing Shapes, Part Two

  • Topic A: Customizing Color and Thickness
  • Topic B: Choosing How Shapes are Treated
  • Topic C: Locking Drawing Mode
  • Topic D: Toggling Snap To Grid

Lesson 4: Advanced Picture Tasks

  • Topic A: Making Image Text Searchable
  • Topic B: Copying Text from an Image
  • Topic C: Editing Alternative Text
  • Topic D: Restoring a Picture to Its Original Size
  • Topic E: Exporting Pictures

Lesson 5: Customizing Pages, Part One

  • Topic A: Showing and Hiding the Page Title and Date Stamp
  • Topic B: Showing and Hiding Authors
  • Topic C: Adding Rule Lines
  • Topic D: Adding a Time and/or Date Stamp

Lesson 6: Customizing Pages, Part Two

  • Topic A: Changing the Page Size and Orientation
  • Topic B: Customizing Margins
  • Topic C: Changing Page Color
  • Topic D: Creating a Custom Picture Background

Lesson 7: Using Page Templates

  • Topic A: Creating a Page from a Template
  • Topic B: Setting the Default Template
  • Topic C: Saving the Current Page as a Template
  • Topic D: Deleting a Custom Template

Lesson 8: Working with Sections and Section Groups

  • Topic A: Creating Sections and Section Groups
  • Topic B: Renaming Sections and Section Groups
  • Topic C: Deleting Sections and Section Groups
  • Topic D: Changing the Color of Sections
  • Topic E: Merging Sections
  • Topic F: Saving Sections

Lesson 9: Syncing Your Notebook

  • Topic A: Sharing Your Notebook with OneDrive
  • Topic B: Viewing Sync Status
  • Topic C: Manually Syncing a Notebook
  • Topic D: Syncing All Notebooks

Lesson 10: Managing Notebook Properties

  • Topic A: Changing the Display Name
  • Topic B: Changing the Notebook Color
  • Topic C: Moving the Notebook
  • Topic D: Converting a Notebook

Lesson 11: Managing OneNote Files

  • Topic A: Protecting a Section with a Password
  • Topic B: Optimizing OneNote Files
  • Topic C: Changing the Cache Location
  • Topic D: Changing the Save Location

Lesson 12: Backing Up OneNote Files

  • Topic A: Setting Backup Options
  • Topic B: Changing the Backup Location
  • Topic C: Running a Backup Manually
  • Topic D: Opening and Restoring a Backup


Lesson 1: Creating an Outline with OneNote

  • Topic A: Writing an Outline
  • Topic B: Selecting Levels by Heading
  • Topic C: Expanding and Collapsing Headings
  • Topic D: Moving Outline Topics
  • Topic E: Deleting an Outline

Lesson 2: Linking Notes

  • Topic A: Enabling or Disabling Linked Notes
  • Topic B: Creating Linked Notes
  • Topic C: Viewing Linked Notes
  • Topic D: Copying a Link for an Item
  • Topic E: Clearing Links

Lesson 3: Using OneNote Online

  • Topic A: Creating Notebooks Using OneNote Online
  • Topic B: Viewing Notebooks Using OneNote Online
  • Topic C: Working with Online Notebooks
  • Topic D: Using Backstage View
  • Topic E: Opening Online Notebooks in OneNote 2013

Lesson 4: Customizing OneNote, Part One

  • Topic A: Setting Interface Options
  • Topic B: Choosing Your Default Font
  • Topic C: Changing the Office Background
  • Topic D: Customizing Your User Name

Lesson 5: Customizing OneNote, Part Two

  • Topic A: Changing Editing Behavior
  • Topic B: Customizing Pen Behavior
  • Topic C: Changing OneNote’s E-mail Signature
  • Topic D: Customizing Password Behavior
  • Topic E: Changing the Measurement Unit

Lesson 6: Working with Versions

  • Topic A: Viewing Page Versions
  • Topic B: Restoring Old Versions
  • Topic C: Deleting Old Versions
  • Topic D: Disabling Version History
  • Topic E: Using the Notebook Recycle Bin

Lesson 7: Working with Files in OneNote

  • Topic A: Inserting a File Printout
  • Topic B: Attaching a File
  • Topic C: Converting an Attachment to a Printout
  • Topic D: Opening Attachments

Lesson 8: Working with Excel Files

  • Topic A: Inserting an Existing Spreadsheet
  • Topic B: Inserting a New Spreadsheet
  • Topic C: Editing a Spreadsheet
  • Topic D: Renaming a Spreadsheet
  • Topic E: Removing a Spreadsheet

Lesson 9: Working with Visio Files

  • Topic A: Inserting an Existing Drawing
  • Topic B: Inserting a New Drawing
  • Topic C: Editing a Drawing
  • Topic D: Renaming a Drawing
  • Topic E: Removing a Drawing

Lesson 10: Working with Equations

  • Topic A: Inserting Built-in Equations
  • Topic B: Creating a Custom Equation
  • Topic C: Converting an Equation to Text
  • Topic D: Creating Ink Equations
  • Topic E: Deleting an Equation

Lesson 11: Working with Audio and Video Files

  • Topic A: Viewing Inserted Media Files
  • Topic B: Using the Audio & Video – Playback Tab
  • Topic C: Changing Audio and Video Settings
  • Topic D: Searching Audio and Video Files

Lesson 12: Customizing OneNote’s Security

  • Topic A: Managing Add-Ins
  • Topic B: Opening the Trust Center
  • Topic C: Managing Trusted Publishers
  • Topic D: Changing Privacy Options