Lesson 1: Starting Out

  • Topic A: Getting Started
  • Topic B: Receiving E-Mail
  • Topic C: Working with E-Mail Messages
  • Topic D: Printing E-Mail Messages
  • Topic E: Getting Help in Outlook

Lesson 2: Understanding and Customizing the Outlook Interface

  • Topic A: Getting Acquainted
  • Topic B: Using the Outlook Panes
  • Topic C: The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Topic D: Tabs and Groups
  • Topic E: Customizing the Ribbon

Lesson 3: Tab Overview (Mail Interface)

  • Topic A: The Home Tab
  • Topic B: The Send/Receive Tab
  • Topic C: The Folder Tab
  • Topic D: The View Tab

Lesson 4: Tab Overview (Outlook Item Interface)

  • Topic A: Understanding Tab Setup
  • Topic B: The Insert Tab
  • Topic C: The Format Text Tab
  • Topic D: The Review Tab

Lesson 5: Sending E-Mail

  • Topic A: Composing E-Mail
  • Topic B: Answering Mail
  • Topic C: Doing More with E-Mail
  • Topic D: Using Viewing Tools
  • Topic E: Using the Drafts Folder

Lesson 6: Information Management

  • Topic A: The Calendar
  • Topic B: The Contacts Folder
  • Topic C: The Tasks Folder
  • Topic D: The Notes Folder
  • Topic E: The Journal Folder


Lesson 1: Organizing Your E-mail, Part One

  • Topic A: Managing Folders
  • Topic B: Using the Favorites List
  • Topic C: Using Search Folders
  • Topic D: Searching in Outlook

Lesson 2: Organizing Your E-mail, Part Two

  • Topic A: Using Rules and Cleanup Tools
  • Topic B: Using Quick Steps
  • Topic C: Configuring Categories
  • Topic D: Managing Junk Mail

Lesson 3: A Word Primer

  • Topic A: Basic Text Tools
  • Topic B: Formatting Text
  • Topic C: Applying Advanced Text Effects
  • Topic D: Formatting Paragraphs
  • Topic E: Adding Word Elements, Part One
  • Topic F: Adding Word Elements, Part Two

Lesson 4: Understanding E-Mail Accounts

  • Topic A: Setting up a Basic E-Mail Account
  • Topic B: Configuring SMS Accounts
  • Topic C: Configuring RSS Feeds

Lesson 5: Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Topic A: About Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Topic B: Managing Your Mailbox
  • Topic C: Managing Tasks and E-mail Messages
  • Topic D: Managing Your Calendar
  • Topic E: Scheduling Meetings with Exchange Server


Lesson 1: Advanced E-Mail Features

  • Topic A: Customizing and Using Signatures
  • Topic B: Customizing and Using Stationery
  • Topic C: Attaching Items to an E-mail
  • Topic D: Changing Message Options
  • Topic E: Setting Advanced Message Options
  • Topic F: Using the Outlook Options Dialog

Lesson 2: Advanced Information Management Tools

  • Topic A: Advanced Calendar Options
  • Topic B: Advanced Task Options
  • Topic C: Advanced Contact Management Options
  • Topic D: Advanced View Options

Lesson 3: Advanced Topics

  • Topic A: Linking Items
  • Topic B: Custom Forms
  • Topic C: Publishing Your Calendar
  • Topic D: Using the Social Network Connector

Lesson 4: Data Management

  • Topic A: Using the Account Settings Window
  • Topic B: Using Personal Folders
  • Topic C: Managing Personal Folders
  • Topic D: Using Outlook Profiles

Lesson 5: Outlook Security

  • Topic A: The Trust Center, Part 1
  • Topic B: The Trust Center, Part 2
  • Topic C: The Outlook Address Book, Part 1
  • Topic D: The Outlook Address Book, Part 2
  • Topic E: Macros