Lesson 1: Getting Started with Photoshop

  • Topic A: Introduction to Photoshop
  • Topic B: Adobe Bridge and Mini Bridge
  • Topic C: Navigate the Photoshop Workspace
  • Topic D: Customize the Photoshop Workspace

Lesson 2: Beginning with Image Basics

  • Topic A: Manage Image Elements and Formats
  • Topic B: Work with Digital Devices

Lesson 3: Managing Selections and Layers

  • Topic A: Use Selection Tools
  • Topic B: Manage Layers

Lesson 4: Making Image Adjustments

  • Topic A: Modify an Image
  • Topic B: Image Repairs

Lesson 5: Refining Images

  • Topic A: Layer Adjustments
  • Topic B: Introduction to Camera Raw

Lesson 6: Saving Images for Web and Print

  • Topic A: Save Images for the Web
  • Topic B: Save Images for Print


Lesson 1: Creating Raster Images

  • Topic A: Draw with Brushes
  • Topic B: Create Gradients
  • Topic C: Use Tool Presets

Lesson 2: Working with Vector Image Tools

  • Topic A: Create Images with Vector Paths
  • Topic B: Use the Shape Drawing Tools
  • Topic C: Work with Type
  • Topic D: Type Special Effects

Lesson 3: Using Advanced Layer Techniques

  • Topic A: Modify Images with Masks
  • Topic B: Use Filters to Apply Special Effects
  • Topic C: Apply Special Effects to Layers
  • Topic D: Use Smart Objects for Nondestructive Editing
  • Topic E: Utilize Layer Comps

Lesson 4: Automating Tasks

  • Topic A: Create and Use Actions
  • Topic B: Batch Process Files with Photoshop and Adobe Bridge

Lesson 5: Creating and Editing Video

  • Topic A: Edit Video
  • Topic B: Add Graphics, Titling, and Animations to Video