Visio 2010


Lesson 1: Starting Out

Topic A: Meeting Microsoft Office Visio 2010

Topic B: Working with Visio Files

Topic C: Creating a Diagram

Topic D: Using the Shapes Pane

Topic E: Connecting Shapes

Topic F: Getting Help in Visio

Lesson 2: Understanding and Customizing the Visio Interface

Topic A: Getting Acquainted

Topic B: The Quick Access Toolbar

Topic C: Tabs and Groups

Topic D: Customizing the Ribbon

Lesson 3: Overview of the Command Tabs

Topic A: The Home Tab

Topic B: The Insert Tab

Topic C: The Design Tab

Topic D: The Data Tab

Topic E: The Review Tab

Topic F: The View Tab

Lesson 4: Creating Diagrams

Topic A: Starting Points for Your Diagrams

Topic B: Using Visio’s Editing Tools

Topic C: Editing Shapes

Topic D: Formatting Shapes

Topic E: Arranging Shapes

Lesson 5: Doing More with Diagrams

Topic A: Formatting Text, Part One

Topic B: Formatting Text, Part Two

Topic C: Working with Text Blocks

Topic D: Adding Freeform Shapes

Lesson 6: Printing and Viewing Your Diagram

Topic A: Using Visio’s Viewing Tools

Topic B: Working with Pages

Topic C: Polishing Your Diagram

Topic D: Preparing a Diagram for Printing

Topic E: Printing Your Diagram


Lesson 1: Managing Visio Files

Topic A: Using Windows Explorer within Visio

Topic B: Using File Management Tools, Part One

Topic C: Using File Management Tools, Part Two

Topic D: Adding and Editing Page Backgrounds

Lesson 2: Containers, Callouts, and More

Topic A: Doing More with Shapes

Topic B: Working with Containers

Topic C: Formatting Containers

Topic D: Adding a Callout

Topic E: Using Layers

Lesson 3: Adding the Finishing Touches

Topic A: Using Visio’s Research Tools

Topic B: Inserting Pictures

Topic C: Doing More with Pictures

Topic D: Modifying Pictures

Lesson 4: Creating Popular Diagrams

Topic A: Creating Process Diagrams

Topic B: Validating Process Diagrams

Topic C: Creating Cross-Functional Flowcharts

Topic D: Creating Organization Charts

Topic E: Working with Organization Charts

Lesson 5: Customizing Templates and Stencils

Topic A: Creating a Template

Topic B: Modifying Open Stencils

Topic C: Creating Custom Stencils

Topic D: Organizing Stencils


Lesson 1: Adding Drawings and Charts to Your Diagram

Topic A: Inserting CAD Drawings

Topic B: Inserting Objects

Topic C: Inserting Charts

Topic D: Working with Charts

Lesson 2: Customizing Shapes

Topic A: Using My Shapes and Quick Shapes

Topic B: Creating Master Shapes

Topic C: Working with Master Shapes

Topic D: Creating Shape Reports

Lesson 3: Reviewing Diagrams

Topic A: Using Comments

Topic B: Markup Tools

Topic C: Using Ink Tools

Lesson 4: Adding Data to Your Graphics

Topic A: Adding Data to Shapes

Topic B: Linking External Data to Shapes

Topic C: Using Data Graphics

Topic D: Creating Legends

Lesson 5: Creating PivotDiagrams

Topic A: Getting Started

Topic B: Editing the Diagram

Topic C: Using PivotDiagram Tools

Topic D: Working With Your Data

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