Lesson 1: Getting Started with Visio 2016

  • Topic A: Navigate the Visio Environment
  • Topic B: Create a Basic Drawing
  • Topic C: Use the Help System

Lesson 2: Creating a Workflow Diagram

  • Topic A: Use Drawing Components
  • Topic B: Modify a Drawing
  • Topic C: Work with Callouts and Groups

Lesson 3: Creating an Organization Chart

  • Topic A: Create a Basic Organization Chart
  • Topic B: Do More with Organization Charts

Lesson 4: Making a Floor Plan

  • Topic A: Make a Basic Floor Plan
  • Topic B: Model a Room Layout

Lesson 5: Creating a Cross-Functional Flowchart

  • Topic A: Create a Cross-Functional Flowchart
  • Topic B: Modify a Cross-Functional Flowchart

Lesson 6: Creating a Network Diagram

  • Topic A: Create Network Diagrams
  • Topic B: Use Shape Data
  • Topic C: Use Layers

Lesson 7: Styling a Diagram

  • Topic A: Work with Shape and Connector Styles
  • Topic B: Work with Themes and Variants
  • Topic C: Work with Containers


Lesson 1: Enhancing the Look of Drawings

  • Topic A: Work with Shape Styles
  • Topic B: Use 3D Shapes
  • Topic C: Apply Backgrounds, Borders, and Titles

Lesson 2: Creating Shapes, Stencils, and Templates

  • Topic A: Create Cutsom Stencils
  • Topic B: Create Simple Custom Shapes
  • Topic C: Create Master Shapes
  • Topic D: Create Custome Templates

Lesson 3: Connecting Drawings to External Data

  • Topic A: Generate a Pivot Diagram from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Topic B: Create a Chart from a Project File
  • Topic C: Create a Timeline from a Project File
  • Topic D: Connect to an Access Database

Lesson 4: Leveraging Development Tools

  • Topic A: Create Macros
  • Topic B: Modify ShapeSheets
  • Topic C: Use Advanced Shape Tools

Lesson 5: Sharing Drawings

  • Topic A: Save and Share Drawings with OneDrive
  • Topic B: Review Drawings
  • Topic C: Insert Drawings into Other Office Files
  • Topic D: Export Drawings
  • Topic E: Print Drawings