Lesson 1: Starting Out

  • Topic A: Meeting Microsoft Office Word 2010
  • Topic B: Creating a Document
  • Topic C: Navigating in Your Document
  • Topic D: Doing More with Your Document
  • Topic E: Working with Your Document
  • Topic F: Getting Help in Word

Lesson 2: The Word Interface

  • Topic A: Getting Acquainted
  • Topic B: The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Topic C: Tabs and Groups
  • Topic D: The Home Tab
  • Topic E: The Insert Tab
  • Topic F: The View Tab

Lesson 3: Advanced Tabs and Customization

  • Topic A: The Page Layout Tab
  • Topic B: The References Tab
  • Topic C: The Mailings Tab
  • Topic D: The Review Tab
  • Topic E: Contextual Tabs
  • Topic F: Customizing the Ribbon

Lesson 4: Creating Documents

  • Topic A: Creating a New Document
  • Topic B: Selecting Text
  • Topic C: Moving Text
  • Topic D: Applying Advanced Text Effects

Lesson 5: Doing More with Text

  • Topic A: Fonts on the Home Tab
  • Topic B: The Font Dialog
  • Topic C: Using Tabs
  • Topic D: Paragraph Options

Lesson 6: Printing and Viewing Your Document

  • Topic A: Using Layouts and Views
  • Topic B: Basic Viewing Tools
  • Topic C: Advanced View Tools
  • Topic D: Preparing Your Document
  • Topic E: Printing a Document


Lesson 1: Managing Your Documents

  • Topic A: Using Windows Explorer within Word
  • Topic B: Saving Your Files
  • Topic C: Finishing Your Files
  • Topic D: Making Word Work Backwards
  • Topic E: Viewing Your Files

Lesson 2: Using Formatting Tools

  • Topic A: Working with Templates
  • Topic B: Using Bullets and Numbering
  • Topic C: Using the Paragraph Dialog
  • Topic D: Using Delineation Tools
  • Topic E: Working with Pages
  • Topic F: Adding Hyperlinks

Lesson 3: Creating Headers and Footers

  • Topic A: Creating Basic Headers and Footers
  • Topic B: Using the Header & Footer Tools – Design Tab
  • Topic C: Inserting Page Numbers
  • Topic D: Doing More with Headers and Footers

Lesson 4: Using Time Saving Tools

  • Topic A: Using Language Tools
  • Topic B: Using Research Tools
  • Topic C: Inserting Pre-Defined Text
  • Topic D: Specialized Text Recognition
  • Topic E: Using the Navigation Pane

Lesson 5: Finishing Your Document

  • Topic A: Making Your Document Consistent
  • Topic B: Using the Mail Merge Wizard
  • Topic C: Performing a Manual Mail Merge
  • Topic D: Sending a Document Electronically


Lesson 1: Working with Pictures

  • Topic A: Inserting Pictures
  • Topic B: Editing Pictures
  • Topic C: Doing More with Pictures
  • Topic D: Formatting Pictures
  • Topic E: Managing Pictures

Lesson 2: Working with Shapes

  • Topic A: Drawing Shapes
  • Topic B: Working with Shapes
  • Topic C: Working with Text and Shapes
  • Topic D: Advanced Shape Tasks

Lesson 3: Working with Advanced Graphics and Objects

  • Topic A: Inserting Text Boxes
  • Topic B: Inserting WordArt
  • Topic C: Creating SmartArt
  • Topic D: Editing SmartArt
  • Topic E: Using Building Blocks and Quick Parts

Lesson 4: Creating Tables

  • Topic A: Inserting Tables
  • Topic B: Editing Tables
  • Topic C: Formatting Tables
  • Topic D: Working with Table Data

Lesson 5: Creating Equations and Charts

  • Topic A: Working with Equations
  • Topic B: Creating Charts
  • Topic C: Formatting Charts
  • Topic D: Analyzing Chart Data