Lesson 1: Getting Started

  • Topic A: Getting Started
  • Topic B: Signing In
  • Topic C: Saving a Document
  • Topic D: Opening a Document
  • Topic E: Creating a New Document

Lesson 2: Your First Document

  • Topic A: Typing and Deleting Text
  • Topic B: Selecting Text
  • Topic C: Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Topic D: Using Undo and Redo
  • Topic E: Searching a Document
  • Topic F: Using Find and Replace

Lesson 3: Formatting Text, Part One

  • Topic A: Changing the Font Face
  • Topic B: Changing the Font Size
  • Topic C: Changing the Font Color
  • Topic D: Applying Basic Text Effects
  • Topic E: Applying Advanced Text Effects
  • Topic F: Working with the Font Dialog

Lesson 4: Formatting Text, Part Two

  • Topic A: Applying Styles
  • Topic B: Changing the Theme
  • Topic C: Changing Document Formatting
  • Topic D: Choosing a New Color, Font, or Effects Scheme
  • Topic E: Using the Format Painter
  • Topic F: Clearing Formatting

Lesson 5: Working with Paragraphs

  • Topic A: Moving Text
  • Topic B: Applying Bullets and Numbers
  • Topic C: Changing Line Spacing
  • Topic D: Aligning and Justifying Text
  • Topic E: Working with the Paragraph Dialog

Lesson 6: Formatting the Page

  • Topic A: Inserting a Cover Page
  • Topic B: Formatting Text as Columns
  • Topic C: Adding Watermarks
  • Topic D: Changing the Page Color
  • Topic E: Adding a Page Border

Lesson 7: Inserting Art and Objects, Part One

  • Topic A: Inserting Tables
  • Topic B: Inserting Charts
  • Topic C: Inserting SmartArt
  • Topic D: Inserting Equations
  • Topic E: Inserting Screenshots

Lesson 8: Inserting Art and Objects, Part Two

  • Topic A: Inserting Local Pictures
  • Topic B: Inserting Online Pictures
  • Topic C: Inserting Videos
  • Topic D: Drawing Shapes
  • Topic E: Inserting Text Boxes

Lesson 9: The Finishing Touches

  • Topic A: Checking Spelling
  • Topic B: Inserting Page Numbers
  • Topic C: Adding Headers and Footers
  • Topic D: Creating a Table of Contents
  • Topic E: Creating an Index

Lesson 10: Viewing Your Document

  • Topic A: Using Views
  • Topic B: Using Zoom
  • Topic C: Using the Navigation Pane
  • Topic D: Viewing Documents Side-by-Side

Lesson 11: Printing and Sharing Your Document

  • Topic A: Saving a Document as PDF or XPS
  • Topic B: Editing PDF Documents
  • Topic C: Printing a Document
  • Topic D: E-Mailing a Document
  • Topic E: Sharing Your Document on SkyDrive

Lesson 12: Customizing the Interface

  • Topic A: Changing Ribbon Display Options
  • Topic B: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Topic C: Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs
  • Topic D: Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs
  • Topic E: Resetting Interface Changes


Lesson 1: Creating Templates

  • Topic A: Creating a Template
  • Topic B: Saving a Template
  • Topic C: Using a Template
  • Topic D: Editing a Template
  • Topic E: Attaching a Template to a Document

Lesson 2: Working with Styles

  • Topic A: Creating Styles
  • Topic B: Applying Styles to Text
  • Topic C: Modifying Styles
  • Topic D: Deleting Styles
  • Topic E: Saving Style Sets

Lesson 3: Commenting Documents

  • Topic A: Inserting Comments
  • Topic B: Editing and Replying to Comments
  • Topic C: Deleting Comments
  • Topic D: Navigating Through Comments
  • Topic E: Showing and Hiding Comments

Lesson 4: Reviewing Documents

  • Topic A: Tracking Changes
  • Topic B: Navigating Through Tracked Changes
  • Topic C: Accepting and Rejecting Changes
  • Topic D: Showing and Hiding Markup

Lesson 5: Configuring Reviewer Settings

  • Topic A: Changing Your User Name and Initials
  • Topic B: Modifying Track Changes Options
  • Topic C: Locking Track Changes On
  • Topic D: Using the Reviewing Pane

Lesson 6: Working with Multiple Documents

  • Topic A: Working with Versions
  • Topic B: Comparing Documents
  • Topic C: Combining Documents
  • Topic D: Recovering Unsaved Files
  • Topic E: Restricting Editing
  • Topic F: Password Protecting Documents

Lesson 7: Performing a Mail Merge

  • Topic A: Starting the Wizard
  • Topic B: Choosing a Document
  • Topic C: Selecting a Starting Document
  • Topic D: Selecting Recipients
  • Topic E: Creating Your Document
  • Topic F: Previewing Your Document
  • Topic G: Completing the Merge

Lesson 8: Creating Outlines

  • Topic A: Using Outline View
  • Topic B: Creating an Outline
  • Topic C: Expanding and Collapsing Headings
  • Topic D: Promoting and Demoting Headings
  • Topic E: Moving Headings

Lesson 9: Creating a Table of Contents

  • Topic A: Marking Headings
  • Topic B: Inserting a Pre-Built Table of Contents
  • Topic C: Inserting a Custom Table of Contents
  • Topic D: Updating a Table of Contents
  • Topic E: Removing a Table of Contents

Lesson 10: Creating an Index

  • Topic A: Marking Index Entries
  • Topic B: Inserting an Index
  • Topic C: Updating an Index
  • Topic D: Customizing the Index with Styles
  • Topic E: Removing an Index

Lesson 11: Creating References in a Document

  • Topic A: Inserting Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Topic B: Inserting Captions
  • Topic C: Inserting Bookmarks
  • Topic D: Creating Cross-References
  • Topic E: Inserting Citations
  • Topic F: Inserting a Bibliography

Lesson 12: Using Macros

  • Topic A: Recording a Macro
  • Topic B: Writing a Macro using the Visual Basic Editor
  • Topic C: Editing a Macro
  • Topic D: Running a Macro


Lesson 1: Creating a Bibliography

  • Topic A: Inserting Citations
  • Topic B: Managing Sources
  • Topic C: Choosing a Style
  • Topic D: Inserting a Bibliography
  • Topic E: Updating a Bibliography

Lesson 2: Creating References to Other Documents

  • Topic A: Linking to Another Document
  • Topic B: Creating and Working with a Master Document
  • Topic C: Creating and Working with Subdocuments
  • Topic D: Managing Subdocuments

Lesson 3: Creating XML Forms

  • Topic A: Creating a Form
  • Topic B: Inserting Controls
  • Topic C: Modifying Control Properties
  • Topic D: Grouping Controls
  • Topic E: Protecting a Form
  • Topic F: Distributing a Form

Lesson 4: Blogging with Word

  • Topic A: Creating a Blog Post
  • Topic B: Using Blogging Tools
  • Topic C: Configuring a Blog Account
  • Topic D: Publishing a Blog Post

Lesson 5: Embedding Objects in a Word Document

  • Topic A: Adding Text from a File
  • Topic B: Creating a New Object
  • Topic C: Creating an Object from a File
  • Topic D: Linking Objects to a Word Document

Lesson 6: Working with Sections

  • Topic A: Inserting Section Breaks
  • Topic B: Customizing Page Setup for Each Section
  • Topic C: Navigating Through Sections
  • Topic D: Deleting Sections

Lesson 7: Using Building Blocks and Quick Parts

  • Topic A: Inserting Quick Parts
  • Topic B: Using the Building Blocks Organizer
  • Topic C: Saving Quick Parts

Lesson 8: Changing Your Styles

  • Topic A: Changing Your Style Set
  • Topic B: Changing Your Color Scheme
  • Topic C: Changing Your Font Scheme
  • Topic D: Making Changes Permanent

Lesson 9: Doing More with Styles

  • Topic A: Creating Styles from Existing Text
  • Topic B: Creating Styles Using the Task Pane
  • Topic C: Modifying the Quick Style Gallery
  • Topic D: Using the Style Inspector
  • Topic E: Managing Styles

Lesson 10: Working with SmartArt

  • Topic A: Adding SmartArt
  • Topic B: Adding Text
  • Topic C: Adding Photos
  • Topic D: Moving and Resizing SmartArt
  • Topic E: Deleting SmartArt?

Lesson 11: Working with Equations

  • Topic A: Inserting Built-In Equations
  • Topic B: Modifying Equations
  • Topic C: Creating a Custom Equation
  • Topic D: Saving an Equation to the Gallery

Lesson 12: Advanced Macro Tasks

  • Topic A: Copying a Macro from a Template
  • Topic B: Assigning a Macro to a Keystroke
  • Topic C: Assigning a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Topic D: About Macro Names