We have a flexible, and powerful framework that can take your technology solutions to the next level. Light Speed Solutions can help you reduce your development timelines and business costs. 

Iron Speed Designer

In 2004, as client demand increased, our company identified our need for a framework to more efficiently meet this demand and standardized on the Iron Speed Designer (ISD) v1 Integrated Development Environment to deliver custom solutions.

Iron Speed Designer

Framework v1.0

Released in 2006, the first version of our Framework was to introduce run-time design capabilities and replace native .Net controls with Telerik components into Iron Speed Designer v4, providing more flexibility in development

Framework v1.0

Framework v2.0

Released in 2008, this version, using ISD v5, introducing a single grid, Multiple Document Interface (MDI) and additional functionality to improve coding efficiency.

Framework v2.0

Framework v3.0

In 2010 Framework v3 was released to work with ISD v6. This also introduced Multi-tenant applications; the ability for Users to customize (column filtering, visibility and grouping) and save multiple display grids; as well meta-data driven column formatting.

Framework v3.0

Framework v4.0

In 2011, Framework 4.0 was built to use Microsoft’s ASP.Net MVC platform, utilizing industry standard tools (Visual Studio) & technologies (Object Relationship Models). Introduced ability to create user-configurable dashboards

Framework v4.0

Framework v5.0

As technology has evolved, so to has our Framework. We’re current working on a completely rewrite for Version 5 of our Framework utilizing the latest .Net Core and Entity Framework Core services. Currently in Beta, release expected in 2019 Q3.

Framework v5.0



Your developers won’t need to learn any new interfaces to implement our framework.


Minimize the lines of code you write. All you need to develop is your custom processes, we take care of everything else.


Update, tweak, and optimize your applications by defining metadata at runtime instead of writing more lines of code.


Rather than going back to the drawing board, update your security models from the front end on the fly at any time.


Create fully mobile optimized applications with ease, there are no limitations for user interface design.


Use all the existing Xamarin APIs you are comfortable with plus our own, customizable APIs.


Q: What types of Businesses do you work with?

A: At Light Speed Solutions, we have a diverse and multi-vertical expertise. No matter what industry your business is in, our framework and expertise can help you optimize your processes. We work with enterprises in all sectors including government, automotive, finance, manufacturing, HR, and pharmaceutical. To find out how we can help you and your development teams, contact us to speak to one of our experts today.

Q: What are the benefits of using the framework?

A: Our framework helps companies improve their efficiency when developing their software solutions. The goal of our framework is to help you reduce mundane, redundant code, and focus on your custom processes. It is also a metadata driven framework, so you can make changes at runtime rather than having to write more lines of code. To learn more about the benefits of our framework, contact us today.

Q: Is the framework optimized for mobile devices?

A: The framework is 100% Visual Studio based. Visual Studio is one of the most popular IDE’s, so your development team won’t have to learn any new interfaces to get the ball rolling with our framework. To learn more about how to get started with our Framework, contact us today. Someone from our team can go over all of the benefits of our framework, as well as our training options with you.

Q: Is the framework optimized for mobile devices?

A: Our framework offers fully mobile responsive interfaces out of the box. There are no design limitations when it comes to any UI that the user wants to create. We don’t box you in to a single design model.

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