We enjoy brainstorming & exploring as a team …

Based on our experience of over 20 years, when we all brainstorm together about possible solutions, it brings creative thoughts across all team members. We are a boutique shop where you will find creativity and passion in all of our projects.

If you are looking to explore the possibilities for the Light Speed Team to assist with managing a project, migrating an existing application or getting your team started with our framework, feel free to contact us.

Our Keys to Success


Our talented developers have a true passion for clean and organized code. We work hard to make it our very best.


Our technical knowledge and planning skills allow us to deliver enterprise-ready solutions within your budget.


Making deadlines is our priority and through collaboration and open communication, we can make anything happen.

project management

Need help to determine what your application needs to do? Our team will work alongside your business and technical stakeholders to identify the key business drivers, define key objectives for the project and work to define the features and functionality that are required for your solution. We strive to ensure that the solution we design meets the needs of your business and all of your stakeholders.  Our goal is to learn how you conduct business, so that we can provide a documented solution that empowers you and your team to operate effectively.

data migration

We assist our customers with their data migration needs as well. This allows for a one-shop turnkey solution. We start with data migration alongside the development effort as this allows users to relate to their data for a faster adoption. Our team has been working with SQL Databases since 1995 and feel confident that we can handle any database challenge regardless of its complexity. Most of our projects have required some flavor of data migration.

hands-on training

As much as we love building solutions, we are eager to share the knowledge, whether it be for end users to learn about the application or the technical team for taking over the future roadmap. All our training sessions are focused on our client’s business and are private in nature as we usually utilize their data. We prepare a specific training curriculum so that it comes naturally to our audience. Our belief in training is visible by the fact that our product Light Speed Framework comes with two 2-hour, one-on-one custom-training sessions as a standard.

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