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After spending the initial five years developing projects, we realized that software development projects look simple at the start but can become quite complex very quickly.  As ideas evolve from a prototype to a business-critical application, initiatives to scale up, update, patch, build revisions and maintain software become complex.  Business requirements change, original developers are no longer present, and stakeholders need an agile environment to stay productive.  These issues and many more make it expensive for any size organization to maintain software and stay competitive.

Developers at Light Speed Solutions recognized this challenge, and built a framework to simplify the software development lifecycle.  The Light Speed Framework was developed from our decades of business experience and has allowed our team as well as many of our customers to develop their solutions faster and with limited resources.  We empower smaller teams so that our customers can stay more nimble and require less management.

At the heart of our framework, we adhere to the following three principles:

Convention Over Configuration:

Our framework uses this approach which makes all team members quickly understand details.  This also allows for generic code rather than writing specific code over and over.

Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) Approach:

Our framework follows the DRY rule, which reduces repetition by using a single instance of an object.  On average, DRY reduces 60% of objects when compared to non-framework based solutions.

Metadata-Driven Runtime Control:

Our framework uses metadata for many options coded at design time.  Metadata allows updates to be made in real-time, skipping many sprints of development, testing and redeployment efforts.

All three principles result in smaller developer teams writing “Low Code” and achieving “Fast Delivery” with ease of maintenance for any new or existing developer.  In the unlikely event that you do not have the resources, our team can assist.

We believe that software projects are like an iceberg – we plan ahead to avoid the unforeseen challenges that plague large projects.  Our adherence to these core principles have helped continue our original projects, even after 10 years.

Unlimited Developers & End-Users Licensing Model

At Light Speed Solutions, we strive to rise together and bring value to our customers. Rather than wasting time forcing a square peg into a round hole, we would rather not sell our framework in a not-so-perfect situation. Our dedication to matching requirements to business needs turns many prospects into long-term customers.

We will be more than glad to refund the initial deposit if either parties discover the disconnect after engagement has already started to avoid any hassles.

As most solutions start small but have the potential to become a core component of an organization with hundreds of users, we structured our licensing to be neither based on the number of developers nor the number of end-users who will be using the application. Some applications built on Light Speed Framework are servicing thousands of users on a daily basis.

One of our customer’s projects is processing over a $1 billion a year while another contains over 200 million rows of data to process.

Our Story

Since 1998, the Light Speed Solutions team has developed and supported customized web applications across all industries on five continents. Our mission has always been to help turn a business vision into reality by designing, developing, and delivering quality solutions on time and, more importantly, on budget.

Looking back, what has set us apart from other software development shops is our innovative framework and our development methodology. This has allowed us to design, develop and deliver solutions with “Low Code” and “Fast Delivery”.

People have always debated whether software development is an art or a science.  As much as it seems to be science where you learn about various widgets, it is surely an art to put these widgets together to build a solution. During the last two decades, we put the perfect mix of common UI components with a solid .NET architecture (from ASP to .NET Core) and turned it into a base application to get any project off the ground quickly.

Quality over quantity has always been our motto, and we’re sticking to it.

Framework Architecture

We short listed some of the decision-making features to help you make the right decision and select the perfect solution for your current and future requirements.

  • 100% Visual Studio 2022 solution with support for Community Edition
  • Built using MVVM architecture that allows for flexible user-interfaces
  • Extensive AJAX implementation allows for smoother transitions
  • Low Code architecture uses a base (generic) controller that is extensible
  • 100% Kendo UI 2021.R3 HTML5 component library support
  • Prevents over-posting and under-posting from client injections
  • Built-in support for multi-tenant solutions to build SaaS solutions
  • All metadata is cached thereby reducing data access overhead
  • Extensible through Dependency Injection (DI) Architecture
  • Support for single window or MDI (Multiple Document Interface)
  • Ability to create multiple themes using SASS stylesheets architecture
  • Integration with Azure’s server-less App Services and Databases

You can watch the video for more details about the architecture of our framework.

If you are looking for an LTS release, our Light Speed Framework 6.0 with .NET Core 6 & EF Core 6 is also available.

Framework Features

(Select each category for a more detailed feature list.)

We utilize our framework with a core set of built-in features to deliver solutions quickly and effectively. We believe that knowledge, thoroughness, and attention to detail are essential when developing mission-critical business applications. The modular architecture and well-defined code structure makes it a breeze for anyone to get started on their way to having an enterprise-ready application.

Consulting, Support & Training

We are always ready to share our experiences and truly believe in transparency and knowledge transfer. Our goal is to be your go-to partner rather than have your organization be dependent upon us. We have many customers that return for their next projects or framework upgrades after several years of working with our initial project.

Some of our work has been in production for well over 15 years and still going strong.


Schedule a consultation session with our professional team for one-on-one personalized help evaluating the framework solution for your business.


Get quick and easy access to our team of developers that can answer any question about using our framework for your business needs.


Learn how to use our powerful framework and design customized solutions for your business straight from the minds who created it.

Our Visionaries

Between the 50+ years of software development experience that our senior team has under their belt and the professional expertise of our management team, we’re always able to execute projects quickly and efficiently. Our approach is to roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with our clients, and we’re sticking to it.

Our core team of five startup members have been together for over 15 years, which is rare in any software development company.

“Akesh has a vast knowledge & experience in various industries like manufacturing, automotive, retail, pharmaceutical, aviation, infrastructure, accounting, and finance to name a few. His ability to pick up a new domain quickly and willingness to travel all around the world has put Light Speed Solutions on the global map.”

Akesh Gupta

Founder & CEO

“Jason always produces work of the highest quality with great attention to the detail. With his expertise in Microsoft and Kendo platforms, he is able to architect with forward thinking. Jason has handled every challenge with long term vision so that our customers are never left high and dry.”

Jason Moore

Enterprise Architect & CTO

Customer Testimonials

Light Speed Solutions significantly improved patient care while assuring retention and scalability

Our business need was an ongoing, moving target, but Akesh and his team were always able to match that behavior and continue to enhance value to our patients. Our care coordinators’ time shifted from basic administrative work to high valued activities which, in the end, reduced patient deactivation and increased the quality of our patient relationships.

Thomas Lembck

Chief Information Officer of Viropharma Incorporated

The final product proved to be both cost-effective and of high quality

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Light Speed! Their developers are very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any concerns that may arise. The innovative ideas developed by Light Speed Solutions have added value to our business and their end product worked on schedule and just as planned. The final product proved to be both cost-effective and of high quality.”

Chris Larkin

President of eWorthy Technology Solutions

Delivered on everything we requested and beyond

“It is my pleasure to recommend Light Speed Solutions for their excellent work on our development projects. The development team our company worked with was professional, thorough, and delivered on everything we requested and beyond. Not only did Light Speed Solutions solve our project complications, but it did it on time and under our budget. Best of all, the communication between our company and Light Speed Solutions exceeded my expectations. I plan to use their services in the future and I would be happy to discuss my experience with Light Speed Solutions with anyone interested in working with them.”

John Gabrys

President of Visions Business Solutions

Always very professional and supportive throughout the entire project

“We approached Light Speed Solutions, LLC. to develop an enterprise application for multi-department use using Iron Speed Designer. We were very pleased with their code quality and productivity. Lightspeed also provided us with high level technical consulting resulting in our most complex problems solved in the simplest and most economical way. Light Speed’s staff were always very professional and supportive throughout the entire project. We felt our expectations were exceeded and would highly recommend Light Speed Solutions, LLC. for future projects.”

George Clements

Application Manager of Archdiocese of Boston

Nothing but top quality products and premium customer service

“When our company required a new website developed and ongoing maintenance, I contacted Light Speed Solutions to handle the daily operations. Since the first day that Light Speed Solutions took on our project, the team delivered nothing but top quality products and premium customer service. Akesh and his team have also served as a reliable source of technical knowledge that helped us optimize our back office operations for client facing websites and truly make the most of them. I am pleased to recommend Light Speed Solutions to any company in need of a knowledgeable, reliable and creative team of expert software developers that will go the extra mile time and time again.”

Mark Sands

IT Director at Eastern Numismatics

Light Speed Solutions always kept in constant contact with us

“Akesh and his team worked with us every step of the way. Light Speed Solutions always kept in constant contact with us over the phone and through online conferencing to help us build a professional tried and tested product that will serve as the basis for our future business objectives. If you are an organization seeking a team skilled in design, programming and databases, I would not hesitate to recommend Light Speed Solutions.”

Janet Woodrow

Chief Executive Officer of Complete Software

Light Speed Solutions is our preferred solution provider

“Light Speed Solutions remains a valued software development provider for our company. For every problem and challenge our company has thrown, Light Speed Solutions has provided timely, complete and innovative solutions. Thanks to Light Speed Solutions, our industry is now moving at an incredible pace. We need software service providers we can trust, and Light Speed Solutions is our preferred solution provider. Jason Moore and his amazing team have never let us down!”

Bud Carroll

President of ChargeAssist

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