Dashboards keep us checked

Every application must have dashboards as they provide an overview of various processes.  As much as the dashboards are needed, they are often build as one model fits all.  Our focus in this framework was to break out of this mold and allow each users to have their personalized dashboards, not ignoring the security of entities.

The following are key Dashboard features to help you see the power of our framework:

  • Integrated Dashboard Architecture does not require any separate license
  • Ability to define Dashboard Layouts and Dashlets which are used to build dashboards
  • Supports Dashlets that can display data in Charts, Grids or Partial Forms with Low Code
  • Dashlets can be tied to user role security model for secure viewing of their content
  • Dashboards will automatically adapt to new layouts or security model for dashlets
  • 100% Kendo Chart compatibility allows for runtime transformation files to be applied to dataset
  • Grid based Dashlets provide a quick way to create action lists that are dynamic and auto update

You can watch the video for more details about the features of Dashboards in action.

Framework Features

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We utilize our framework with core set of built-in features to deliver solutions quickly and effectively. We believe that knowledge, thoroughness, and attention to detail are essential when developing mission-critical business applications. The modular architecture and well defined code structure makes it a breeze for anyone to get started on their way to have an enterprise ready application.