Ready for Multi-Tenant applications

As much as all ideas start with a single tenant in mind, it is very often desired to have an application support a multi-tenant model. Our framework allows for a single tenant application to be converted into a multi-tenant application with a single configuration. The framework is smart enough to have a mix of entities where some are common across all tenants whereas others are specific to each tenant. A single sign on can have different security roles in different tenants.

The following are key Multi-Tenant features to help you see the power of our framework:

  • Single configuration can turn a single tenant application into a multi-tenant application
  • Built-in feature to automatically filter multi-tenant entities to display the tenant specific data
  • All Combo Boxes are automatically filtered to show possible values limited to the tenant
  • Tenants are allowed to manage their Security Roles and Users with Low Code
  • Tenants can be configured to allow for their own Time Zone as well as Style Sheet to differentiate
  • Users are allowed to switch tenants without re-logging into the application with Low Code

You can watch the video for more details about the features of Multi-Tenant in action.

Framework Features

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We utilize our framework with a core set of built-in features to deliver solutions quickly and effectively. We believe that knowledge, thoroughness, and attention to detail are essential when developing mission-critical business applications. The modular architecture and well-defined code structure makes it a breeze for anyone to get started on their way to having an enterprise-ready application.