Users like searchable Menus

Menus provide an entry point into the application.  Based on the application’s requirements, the menus can be configured very quickly in a single place to achieve the desired results.

The following are key Menu features to help you see the power of our framework:

  • Choice of Tree Menus, Ribbon Bar Menus or Classic Drop-Down Menus (or any combination)
  • Searchable & Collapsible Tree Menus navigation bar allows users to take advantage of wide monitors
  • All Menus are defined in Metadata, thereby allowing Admins to quickly manage the details
  • Built-in Icon library of over 1700 images help users become familiar with the application
  • Menu metadata allows for grouping related menus into parent menu folders
  • Menu security is integrated for runtime updates including temporarily hiding the options
  • Add Menus for external URLs (tied to security, if needed) to provide a unified user experience

You can watch the video for more details about the features of Menus in action.

Framework Features

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We utilize our framework with a core set of built-in features to deliver solutions quickly and effectively. We believe that knowledge, thoroughness, and attention to detail are essential when developing mission-critical business applications. The modular architecture and well-defined code structure makes it a breeze for anyone to get started on their way to having an enterprise-ready application.