Translations help with adoption

As much as we may plan up front, there is a constant need for some resource translations that come up at the last minute, mostly during UAT. In those situations, our Translation model comes to the rescue as it has been fully integrated into all aspects of the application. Once a translation is applied to a resource, it will display in the Grids, Forms, Exports as well as the message(s).

The following are key Translation features to show the power of our framework:

  • Allow for changing Field Labels on Grids and Forms at runtime based on Language or Custom Tab
  • Translations can be configured at Tenant Level with Low Code which makes the application versatile
  • Translations can be used to change Action Buttons as well as validation/error messages at runtime
  • Built-in ability to localize text for the entire application or a section within the application
  • Framework has been enhanced to allow for dynamic .NET messages to be translated

You can watch the video for more details about the features of Translations in action.

Framework Features

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We utilize our framework with a core set of built-in features to deliver solutions quickly and effectively. We believe that knowledge, thoroughness, and attention to detail are essential when developing mission-critical business applications. The modular architecture and well-defined code structure makes it a breeze for anyone to get started on their way to having an enterprise-ready application.