Security is our #1 priority

No matter how well you plan security up front, every organization needs a dynamic security model as they evolve. We have implemented a dynamic security model where all actions are checked in real-time. Since this can be quite taxing on database access, a separate caching solution has been integrated which will reduce the overhead. Security is integrated in all aspects of the framework natively.

The following are key Security features to help you see the power of our framework:

  • Metadata based runtime configuration allows for security to be managed in real-time
  • Supports database based authentication and authorization out of the box
  • Extensible to any authentication method supported by .NET Core
  • Support for field level security is achieved via Low Code at design time
  • Built-in User Profile management with ability to manage password and user options
  • Built-in logic to handle Password Complexity and Password Expiration
  • Built-in ability for Remember Me (Persistent Login) on a per device basis
  • Built-in 2-Factor Authentication with support to remember device(s) for x number of days
  • Security Model allows for a user to have one or many roles where all permissions are cumulative

You can watch the video for more details about the features of Security in action.

Framework Features

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We utilize our framework with a core set of built-in features to deliver solutions quickly and effectively. We believe that knowledge, thoroughness, and attention to detail are essential when developing mission-critical business applications. The modular architecture and well-defined code structure makes it a breeze for anyone to get started on their way to having an enterprise-ready application.